Garlic and Chocolate


“Don’t it always seem to go-“

Shut up, Joni.

Welcome back to the blog, folks. I’ve had lots of big happenings in my life but neither the time or the inclination to tell you about them since I started school and had a lot of other things going on.

Also, I was pretty darned happy. For one thing, I started learning to cook in earnest. My appetite had returned after my depression had become less crippling. So I got hooked on Alton Brown’s show Good Eats, bought myself a cast iron skillet and a slow cooker, and, armed with new tools and knowledge and the support of a good woman, I-

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Turn and Face the Strange

Kay, so, I just got back from my new college’s campus with questions about what I needed to do to get my financial aid to aid me financially only to find that my procrastination paid off and my bills were already paid.


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Fuck 2013 One Last Time. Hope to Make Sweet, Tender Love to 2014

Happy New Year, y’all!

Since my planned Chicago trip was canceled due to an acute case of “my car will literally kill me if I don’t fix the brakes right now” and everyone I know had plans, I rang in the new year at a bar surrounded by strangers and a bored DJ playing Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” one last time before the ball dropped on TV. Prior to the ball drop, the bartender lit up at my order and said “I love Cuervo!” and, together, we tipped back a shot to drive in the final nail on the worst year of my life (“so far,” adds the inner pessimist).

Moments after the ball drop, I exchanged a virtual kiss via text message with my sweetie, who will probably be appalled by me calling her “my sweetie” when she reads this. Then I tipped back the free ounce of champagne the bar provided and went home.

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Too Busy for Words

Sorry, no real post today because I am awash in post Xmas activities and shall be hitting up some clothing stores for clearance items and doing other things.

Next stage of other stories coming Monday!

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Merry Everything and Happy Always



Merry frigging Christmas, y’all!

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Busy busy busy

I may very well have reached distraction saturation, y’all.

Last night was karate, dinner with a friend and stories and card games well into the night followed by hours of guitar practice. Oh yeah and getting things straightened out for my triumphant return to college, which will involve a whole one night a week actually on a satellite campus and three more classes that will all take place online.

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You Have to Suffer for Your Heart


OK, had a great night tonight and now I’m full up on pho, half a Bánh mì sandwich, and a bit of Chilean wine (isn’t it great when your favorite variety of wine that you’ve found so far also happens to be the cheapest?). I’m really damned happy right now.

Which also means I don’t have the faintest idea what to write about.

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